Cow Guardian
Mastering archery with Vikings
Oct 22, 2017

Hello people of the world, it’s a beautiful day to have a small talk about the archery.

Archer units are the common thing for strategy games of fantasy setting and our Cows VS Vikings isn’t an exception. We have several types of Archer Towers, each with its own skills. You begin with simple Archer outpost where only one bow-master is presented.

Despite he is alone there, this Archer is pretty able to resist the waves of cow invaders. He has sharp sight and dexterous hands. After you will earn enough gold for defeated enemies, you’d be able to upgrade the tower by adding one Archer more.

Now they are shooting twice faster and efficiently. The Archer Tower of the 3d level, in turn, looks like this.

And acts like this:

Three archers, three time faster, etc… Well, it, of course may be slightly annoying to see just increasing of the archers’ number. But it won’t be endless:

After you reach level 4 in the Archery branch, you can choose between two powerful mechanisms for the further upgrade: Ballista or the Nutling Gun.

Let us show you our Viking Ballista in action, in encounter against the Ninja Cow.

And the whole line of Archery branch upgrades (press to enlarge):

After going thriough it all you could turn your Archer Towers into real machines of destruction!

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