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Cow Guardian
Nov 21, 2017
Всем привет! Итак, наша игра близится к своему первичному релизу, до которого осталось не так уж много времени – и в связи с этим мы хотели бы рассказать вам о том, как всё начиналось. Подумать только – мы работаем над Cows VS Vikings уже три года. Это, конечно, не потому, что мы такие ленивые – […] Read more...
Cow Guardian
Oct 22, 2017
Hello people of the world, it’s a beautiful day to have a small talk about the archery. Archer units are the common thing for strategy games of fantasy setting and our Cows VS Vikings isn’t an exception. We have several types of Archer Towers, each with its own skills. You begin with simple Archer outpost […] Read more...
Cow Guardian
Oct 21, 2017
We are proud and excited to announce that our game is taking part in international indie game contest FreeGalaktus 2017 (Poland)! So, if you like this one and wish us success, you can already now vote for Cows VS Vikings via following form. We love you and appreciate your support! Now the destiny of this […] Read more...
Cow Guardian
Sep 11, 2017
Here it came – that exciting moment when we are proud to announce that test version of Cows VS Vikings is now completed and soon we will begin a series of closed tests among those people who has show especial interest to our game via different social networks. These chosen ones will become the first […] Read more...
Cow Guardian
Dec 21, 2015
Hello and Welcome to our Cows vs. Vikings (CvV) world. CvV is a Tower Defense game for iPad. The game is almost done and we plan to dive into the game world to show what we achieved. This is the first post in our developer blog series. First of all let’s get acquainted! We are […] Read more...

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