Cow Guardian
Cows VS Vikings on FreeGalaktus 2017 game contest!
Oct 21, 2017

We are proud and excited to announce that our game is taking part in international indie game contest FreeGalaktus 2017 (Poland)! So, if you like this one and wish us success, you can already now vote for Cows VS Vikings via following form. We love you and appreciate your support! Now the destiny of this little indie game is in your hands, and we are humbly waiting for your decision.

We are very grateful to all the people in FreeGalactus for accepting our game and giving us a chance to spread our mission worldwide. And also to all those ones who helped out to improve our game by playtesting it, especially:

Vegard Farstad from Simplicatus Games, author of SimplyClever.Cards –

Calum Fraser from

Jordan Westfall from

Douglas D’Aquino, independent game developer (


Кирилл Саражиу


Also we are sincerelly grateful to all the people of game industry, who inspired us to become the developers and created all those games we love so much as simple videogamers!

This list includes:

Ironhide Game Studios (creators of Kingdom Rush series)

Blizzard Entertainment (who created that gory and brutal but still funny “cow level”)

Greenheart Games (for their wonderful Gamedev Tycoon which is very useful for understanding the principles of game industry)

StudioMDHR Entertainment who showed with their game Cuphead how it’s important to believe in yourself and your art (and for this game itself, of course)

And Hideo Kojima, because he is simply a genius.