Cow Guardian
Cows VS Vikings tests are coming soon!
Sep 11, 2017

Here it came – that exciting moment when we are proud to announce that test version of Cows VS Vikings is now completed and soon we will begin a series of closed tests among those people who has show especial interest to our game via different social networks. These chosen ones will become the first players given with opportunity to play current version of Cows VS Vikings. Relying on their opinions, we will improve the balance and fix all the flaws which could be found, before release the Alpha version of the game via Kongregate.

We are very grateful to everyone who has reacted on our posts in networks! Your kind words enhanced us and made us believe in ourselves much stronger than it was when there wasn’t anyone in the world who was aware of this game except ourselves. We really appreciate it! Keep in touch – subcribe to recieve all the news from dynamic and dangerous world of Cows VS Vikings, where walking alone is not the best idea for Vikings.