Cow Guardian
Welcome to the Cow vs Vikings world
Dec 21, 2015

Hello and Welcome to our Cows vs. Vikings (CvV) world. CvV is a Tower Defense game for iPad. The game is almost done and we plan to dive into the game world to show what we achieved. This is the first post in our developer blog series.

First of all let’s get acquainted! We are the IDOL team. For a long time we’ve been creating websites, computer graphics and applications. Now it\’s time to make a step forward and begin to bring some joy to players by creating fun competitive games.

The game we’re about to present you will be released this year on iOS platform. It has a classic Tower Defense mechanics, awesome 3D characters and animation, challenging game play and a lots of interesting features.

We also plan on spreading this game through several platforms – including Android and Facebook. Feel free to tell us what you think, you are always welcome to tell us your ideas. Who knows, maybe your thoughts can make this game better and we will implement them in the final build.

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